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vata with disturbing night sweats


Help! I am overwhelmed by night sweats. They keep me from restful sleep,keeping me unbalanced most of the day. i have done full body cleanse,candida cleanse and parasite cleanse. I started changing my diet because of my fibromyalgia, insommnia and lots of pain. i still have lots of pain. I am eating accordingly to my vatta dosha, but am still having hot flashes and the night sweats. After I eat I usually begin to hot flash to the point of felling sickly and faint.



Hi, Gina!

You may be a Vata… but it sounds like you have an over-abundance of Pitta right now.  It’s summer, so that could easily be the case.  Fibromyalgia is a Vata imbalance, but the heat from night sweats is a Pitta imbalance.  Try going on the Pitta routine for a while.  You don’t say what age you are – but could you be going through menopause?  I just did a video about Ayurveda and menopause.  It’s posted on doshasmart.com.  


Here is an article about Ayurveda and Fibromyalgia:


Have you seen an Ayurvedic practitioner?  It would be really great for you to see someone in person who can really give you specific recommendations based on your constitution.  

I would suggest doing a coconut oil massage and a cool shower before bed.  Eat lots of fresh, juicy fruits.  Coconut water throughout the day.  Watermelon, cucumber… cooling foods might be better for you at this time of year.  But as a Vata, avoid raw foods, as your digestion is still sensitive.  Do what you can to stay cool and not get overheated.

You’ll also find Pitta tea (which you can drink cool) and Pitta churna on DoshaSmart.com

I hope that helps – let me know how it goes for you!