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Towanda M. Allen

  • Good morning Lissa! I’ve seen you emails, but with life showing up I’ve been relaxing for a change. Just wanted to share with you that you look great and I need to know what you are doing!! I think I need to get on the same band wagon!!! You look like you have transformed yourself and thats what I need. so unilt we chat again, take care, stay blessed, safe and keep up the great work!!!!




                  Towanda M. Allen



Hi, Towanda!

Thank you for the compliment 🙂  It’s no secret… I am in love with Ayurveda!  It’s the “Science of Life” from India and it explains the nature of everything in the universe.  You can learn all about it on my site: whatsyourdosha.com


Hugs and love to you!