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teenage girl


hey lissa i’am writing this to you while despretly waiting thinking about your answer my story is so complicated well i am a freshman high school and i have crush on a junior high school boy well i talk alot about him i just can’t stop thinking about hi m so my neighbour felt thet i like him even that i didn’t tell her so she told me that he likes me and he want to get to know me better and he wants my phone number i was so exited that i gave it to her.with my own ways igot his number before but i didn’t call him or any thing and i also talked to him before on fb but with a profile wich is not the profile i use to talk to real friends actually even the name is not my real name he seems very sweet from what he sad to me but … we didn’t keep up communicating .well after a day from giving my number to mary (my neihbour) i got a text msg but i knew after some little talk tha it wasn’t him he talks alot in french but the one who is talking to me didn’t undrestand me when i talked to him in french so i told her that i believe now that she lied shesad not and she brought him to me i even couldn’t talk that day i was horrified it was the first time he talked to me but he hurted me saying it was just a joke and she pushed him .. it was saturday.so after the weekend a friend of mine who her bf is friend of my crush told her that he didn’t want to do this to me actually he didn’t know that the girl was me she gaved him money to do this and he needed this money alot altough i know his family they are rich i knew from his friend that he talked to him about this and he felt guilty and all his friends told him to say sorry but nothin happens although his best budies told me about this he insists that he didn’t took money from her ;2months ago this story actually hapends and from that day i felt weird because he started staring at me when he see me but not with a bad way no ,it’s like he likes me,even the girl that likes him she started looking at me with a hatfull way all the time .sometimes when he sees me he turned his head but when pass me he gives me a look to see if i ‘am looking at him even after what he did to me the huge probleme is that i still like him what shall i do OMGG :((( plz help me



I know this is bothering you a lot, but I think what you need to do is to focus on something else, and let some time go by.  Things like this tend to blow over – meaning that they might be a big deal right when they happen – but usually something else happens and then people forget all about the first thing. 

You also need to find some friends who will have you back – who you can trust.  And over time this whole bad experience will fade away.  Then when your emotions have subsided you’ll be able to think more clearly – and you will know better if you really like this guy or not.  

The most important thing is that you take care of yourself – that you be a good friend to yourself.

 Let me know how it goes… 

Lots of love!