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Super confused


Hello Lissa,

I am writing to you for some help. I have taken the dosha quiz 2 times and both times my predominant dosha is Vata. This is strange to me because I do not fit the physical description of the Vata, in fact there is only one point difference between my body dosha of Vata and the second one of Kapha…what’s a girl to do??? However, my mind is predominantly more Vata and that makes some sense. I am terribly confused and I struggle with feeling out of sorts a lot. I also fight anxiety almost daily…can you give me some pointers for getting on the right track? As far as diet Vata and Kapha are so different I want to be sure I am meeting the needs of my dosha best! Thank you!



Anxiety is indicative of a Vata imbalance, which means you have too much Vata in your system – you need to be on a Vata routine until you can get that stabilized.  It’s Vata season right now anyway, so doing the Vata routine is beneficial for everyone! 

Basically, eat warm, cooked foods. Drink Vata tea throughout the day.  Meditate twice a day.  Make sure you get enough sleep.  Keep yourself warm, especially your ears, hands and feet when you go outside.  Abhyanga (warm sesame oil self-massage) is particularly helpful, you can learn more about it in the articles section, or also in our e-news archives.

To make sure your Kapha doesn’t get out of whack, avoid fried foods and heavy dairy like cheese and ice cream.  And make sure you exercise every day, just don’t overdo it.

Enjoy the season!