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Stay at home mom who has lost her spark


Hi there Lissa.

I am a stay at home mom 5 years now. I have four children age range from 4 to 10 yrs, I feel my creativity and zest for life has got lost in the daily chores of life. My hormones leave me very low mid cycle and I crave sugar. I practise tm twice a day and it helps a little. I exercise also everyday. I think it’s the housework that gets me down the most. I chase my tail all day everyday, leaving me exhausted and stressed. I am 43. I think my doshas is vata-Pitta. I would love to feel alive again. And not always feel like I am just getting by. Thanks a million.



I can understand how you feel – although I only had 2 children!

First of all, conserve your energy.  You don’t necessarily need to exercise everyday. Housework is exercise!  Especially if you’ve got a lot of Vata in you, Vatas get worn out easily.

Make sure you are nurturing yourself and getting plenty of sleep. 10 hours when you can!

Eat warm, cooked foods – and sit down while you eat and really taste your food. Use Vata churna (spice blend) so that you know you are getting all six tastes plus what you need to keep Vata in check.

A little bit of sweetness is good, but don’t cave into sugar cravings because those spikes in blood sugar will get you more tired in the long run. Instead snack on almond butter on crackers or something like that – the protein will help sustain you.

Then for hormones, I suggest you get on Midlife for Women 1. The 40’s is the time of perimenopause – so this will help you get some of your mojo back.


The other thing is to find some “me” time when you can do what you enjoy – whatever it is that soothes you. Maybe it’s just 5 minutes listening to music – or taking a walk through a garden. Connect with nature, and your true nature.

Sending you a big hug and lots of love!