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Spiritual Path


Hi ,

I want to reach to my Inner self , where I will discover truths about my life , my sufferings and the people attached closely to me.

I want to know have answers of many questions which are there on my mind for so long and for that I m seeking some spiritual path to have anwers to them myself.

I very much believe in learning thru but have not got any path to walk on towards my goal.

I seek guidance from you to explore this path.

I have quite tried to find this path myself but ended nowhere.

Please help !



First, know that there is not just one path, there are many paths. You really need to find the one that resonates with you, one that you can embrace and from which you can learn and grow.  Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Meditate.  Take some quiet time to yourself twice a day, every day.  There are many different types of meditation and you can learn about some of them on http://www.psmeditation.com  Meditation will help you tap into your higher Self, and that higher Self will guide you to a place, or a path, that is right for you.

2. Go ahead and explore different paths.  There are spiritual centers all around the world.  Perhaps the lessons in Buddhism have something in them that resounds with you.  Maybe it is going to a Christian Church, or a Jewish Synagogue.  Maybe it’s going to a Hindu Temple.  A good book to get an overview of all of this is “The World’s Religions” by Huston Smith.

3. Every day, go about your day in a state of mindfulness.  Start your day with gratitude, and end your day with gratitude.  Pay attention to the little things, and do what you can to help where you can.

Let me know how it goes.

Lots of love,