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dear lissa,

i dunno where to start. i m shilpa.. i m a student. basically i m very friendly,emotional,fun to be with. i m attracted to my neighbor. i liked him de very first day i saw him. my dad spoke to him and he told me tat he s a good guy.i started lovin him so much.i thought he was a single as he was alone in his resident for about a week.i started lovin him so much. i planned to start up a conversation with him de next day. later, i was shocked .i found a girl livin with him. i then decided i should forget him,but i couldn’t. i wanted him atleast as my friend. Before i could speak to him,dere was yet another shock for me. his girl friend is pregnant. i could do nothin xcept cryin all de time.. i couldnt open up to him. everytime i think of speakin to him,i m left with a shock. i dunno wat to do.i cant forget him.i m plannin to shift apartment. i would be happy if u help me…… thanks for tis website.


Dear Shilpa,

I know it feels like you’re in love with your neighbor, but you’re really not.  You don’t even really know him.  It’s just a crush.  These things happen.  You really want a boyfriend, and you projected all of that desire onto this man, who is attractive and nice.  But, he’s not available, so now you have to get over it.  Rather than sit home and cry, go out with your friends.  Have fun!  Socialize, meet people.  The crush brings you to a fantasy world.  What you need to do is to bring yourself back to reality.  Focus on your school work, and your friends, and live your life.  You haven’t lost anything at all.  Look at all that you have, not what you don’t have.