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Seeking help in Columbia, MD


Hello, Lissa,

I have Crohn’s disease and am having trouble keeping my job responsibilities up to par. I would love to get into a career dealing with eastern medicine and specifically Ayurveda. I have been wanting to get involved with Ayurveda in my occupation for a long time now, since I discovered it on my own years ago. I was wondering if you had suggestions on how to get involved occupationally in Ayurveda. I’d love to work with you, but I know that’s probably pretty impossible! I don’t know if you give career advice, but I’d love to hear any ideas that you do have. 

Thanks for your time!  Let me know what your thoughts are on how I can become more involved (if you have any!).


Hi! Thanks for writing.

Are there any ayurvedic spas or centers or schools in your area? I would suggest becoming involved in that community and seeing what opportunities arise. Places like that often need volunteers for events, and those positions often lead to employment. 

With a quick google search I found the Amala Wellness Center in Columbia, and a few places in the Baltimore area. This might be the perfect place to start!

You have a lot to offer and I commend you for not letting your illness get in the way of what you really want to do.

Wishing you all the best!