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sad in india


i m really into this girl. she too had feelings for me. but one day she decided to get back with her ex which left me heart broken. her ex is a manipulative guy. since then she stopped talking to me as she used to. then she broke up with her ex again. and now she is single. her roommate told me that apparently she misses me a lot and still have feelings for me. that is the reason she stopped talking to me as she is scared that if she comes near me again she ll end up hurting me again. i dont know what to do. i really love this girl. and i just want her to talk to me so that i can make her understand that there is nothing to be scared of. please help me out


The best thing you can do right now is to be a good friend to this girl.  Let her know that you are available should she choose to speak with you, and that there are no expectations on your part.  She needs to feel safe with you.  And if she and her ex are really broken up for good – don’t rush anything.  You have time on your side.  Take it slow – no pressure – just friendship.  Let things grow naturally from there.

Lots of love,