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Rose Petals


Hello Lissa,


 I wanted to ask you about break ups. Over a year ago, my ex and I broke up. We were very close. We were getting married and had been trying to have a baby for the past year. However, even though this break up was for the better ( I think), I cannot get him out of my head and the pain in my chest comes when I least expect it. I have not been able to lead a normal life since. My friend from Kerala told me to get Ayurdevic treatment. Surely, after a year I should be able to move on…. But I can’t. He lives in another country and have had no direct contact with him in over a Year. What can you recommend?

Thank you for your time and effort.



This is exactly why I wrote the book CLOSURE.  Check out the website to see the 5 stages and to see where you’re at: http://www.closurebook.com

There’s a lot you can do – too much to go into in an e-mail!  Body work is tremendously helpful – kind of detox through the muscles.  Change up your routine, shift the energy in the house, get involved in new projects, meet new people, spend time with friends.

Hypnotherapy is also a great tool.  It will help you to release.  There’s a process you go through so that you can say “I understand the cause, I release the effect.  I forgive myself, I forgive this person, and I set myself free.”  It is amazingly healing!

Ayurvedically, the recurring thoughts, if you can’t get this guy out of your head, comes from a Vata imbalance.  Take a steam shower, do the sesame oil massage every day.  Get some sunshine.  Take warm salt water baths.  One ayurvedic treatment that is helpful is shirodara – so if you can find a spa near you that offers it, definitely do it!

Also, to heal the heart, sniff the scent of rose.  Spritz rose water on your face and pillow before bed.  Drink rose infused tea.


Hope that helps!

Know that you are loved.  We are all in this together.

Big hug!!!