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Pitta walking by faith and not by sight


Dear Lissa,

I enjoy your messages on important values in life and have read a book on Ayurveda by Dr. Miller; and, have used them to care for others and myself.

I lost my mother over two years ago and found that my brother suffered from heart failure and diabetes as did my mother.

With faith and determination, yoga practices, prayer and meditation my brother’s condition is much improved. He has adhered to the diet, exercise and mind recommendations. I am spiritual and pray for him daily. 

He has met someone and will soon leave. She is a recovering addict, unemployed, lost her apartment and now lives with her parents at age 40. 

I know he care and wants to help her by moving in  together.  He has very little income.  This seems to be a recipe for disaster.

I have to let go and let God, but I do not want him to fail and then they both try to move back with me.

Which of your seminars do you recommend that I join so that I can find happiness as well.  I seem to help people, they leave one way or another.  I value relationships but only get asked to work and since my mother and father passed away – there is no closeness.

God is good!


Thank you for writing.  I recommend that you read “CLOSURE and the Law of Relationship: Endings as New Beginnings.”  If you go to the website: http://www.closurebook.com you will learn more about it. 

Relationships are ever-changing.  We never know what lessons we are here to learn from each other, and how we are going to learn those lessons.  Everyone in our life is here for a reason.  It’s important for us to understand how relationships “work” so that we can learn and grow more effortlessly.

One thing at a time.  One day at a time.  Life is beautiful and our relationships help to make it more so, even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes!

Love and hugs,