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over 40 and still searching


I am in my mid 40s and has decided to go to school to become a chef…I enjoy and want to do more traveling…I am married and have children…they are on board with the traveling but I still feel a little unsure with the whole cooking idea…not sure how to pull off traveling and cooking…any ideas…


You can have it all – but you really can’t have it all at one time! 

If you’ve got kids that you need to be looking after, cooking school might be easier to handle than traveling right now.  You can be in class at the same time as your kids are. 

If you want to travel, travel as a family when you’re all off of school!

Have fun – just remember your priorities – kids are only young for a short time – it’s important to give them as much attention as you can while they’re at home – they’re off on their own before you know it!