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Hello Lissa,


I just took your test and this is my score Body Vata 5 Pitta 3 Kapha 4 and Mind Vata 6 Pitta 4 Kapha 2


This is all new to me. and it intriges me alot. I would love to learn more about this. I belive i only have one Dosha. But i was confused because it says Vata are generally thin. Well i know i am not thin. I do have a few extra pounds. I am a diabetic, have been for 23 yrs, through both my pregnancys, have had alot of negativity and stress in my life. But for about a yr now, i have been reading and trying to take care of myself, but not doing a good job. I take care of others before myself. I know i can lose the weight but find it very hard to start. And since i am still very low self esteem, it doesnt really become one of my priorities. I am not in a realtionship. Yes i have been speaking with someone for 2-3 months. but we havent met. I do get on these missions and usually i complete what i do start. (especially if the mission is for someone else). I am trying to learn to put my self on the top of the list, but still have not succeeded.

Do you think this will and/or can help me balance my life out???





You have a lot going on here – and I think the best way to get a clear diagnosis and personalized recommendations would be to see an ayurvedic practitioner in your area.  A practitioner will take your pulse and give you “prescriptions” for herbal remedies to help with specific conditions.

Even though you’re not a Kapha type, some of what you are talking about indicates a Kapha imbalance.  So look at the Kapha routine, and see what you can fit into your lifestyle.  Some tips:

-No dairy

-No fried foods

-No eating after 7 pm

-Eat small portions

-Reduce fat intake, including red meat

-Exercise daily, at least until you sweat

-Eat dark green, leafy greens


I think you would also benefit from Abhyanga, an ayurvedic self-massage – it helps to soothe nerves, and will reduce some of your stress.

Read some of the articles on the website.  Ayurveda is very simple, and it makes a lot of sense.  It will definitely help you get your life more into balance!