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Ms. Allen


Good morning and Happy Hoildays Lissa! Just a email to thatnk you for you for all your encouraging words. Bless to have a great family and friends. I pass your OM newsletter and anything else I may recieve from you to all my family and friends on line. I’m in the proccess of becoming a life coach. I feel deeply grateful and bless to have your spirit come across my path douring this exciting time in my life. When I find myself not being focus, here comes a word of wisdom from lissa or some other source. Just a reminder that you are dong a great job and keep it up!! I was bless to visit the Chopra Center in San Deigo, CA several years ago and spend sometime with Deepka Chopra. What a great spiritual being with a warm presant. You couldn’ be working with a greater person. Once again Lissa thank you very much for just being and wish great success in 2006!!!


Thank You,


Ms. Allen and Family



Thanks so much! I really appreciate your support. And I encourage you to continue with the good work that you are doing. 2006 is going to be a wonderful year for all of us. Big hug! Love, Lissa