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Hi. lisa. is it ok to ask my plastic surgeon out iam not his patient. i wished him a blessed new years and thankhim for a service on facebook he wished me a happy new year and said if we can be of any help let us know. it sounds like hes doing business. he is single has been married twice. i keep thinking if he was interested he would of ask me out. i have a feeling iam going to get rejected. should i take the chance than move on? thanks mary


There are 3 possible outcomes here.  He could accept your invitation, he could reject your invitation, or he could completely ignore you.  If you are going to be fine with being rejected or ignored, then go for it, because there really is no risk involved.  As they say: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Remember you’ll run into this person again, and as long as you won’t feel awkward if you are turned down, you have nothing to lose.  And maybe it will work out for you! Or maybe it will give you the confidence to ask someone else out.  Life is a process of learning – and this is an opportunity.