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Dearest Lissa,

What im going thru is pretty confusing. U c, i’ve been with a guy for over a year and a half, we had our ups and downs… and recently we broke up (late October 2008). And during that period, i talked with some other two guys, one of them was with me in some conference, and the other is someone whom i was introduced to thru some other friend, and he’s technically in the family.

Anyhow, that guy i was with kinda wants things to work out, so we’re trying again. And he knew that i was talking to those other guys, and he got really mad, obviously. And we almost had a fight over the phone a while ago. He said that he doesnt trust me and when i said that it’s something in the past, he said “i dont trust you, i just dont”… and this really hurts me. I know he’s hurt, but still dunno what to do to ease off his pain and make him regain trust to me.

I really love him, and dont want to lose him, yet i cant find the right words to say… i feel that during the past year and a half i’ve talked a lot and nothing happened, i just want to act, u know? I really want things to work out between us, i know we’re different, but different ppl also get along, right? I want all the fights to end… im tired, Lissa 🙁

What should i do, Lissa, seriously im lost… dont wanna hurt him anymore and i want him to trust me… please help me !!




Without trust there is no relationship.  Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship.  Why would you want to be with a guy who doesn’t trust you?  You are trustworthy!  And you know it.  This guy hurts you, and makes you feel bad about yourself.  You really have to look at your life and make your own decision if you want to continue like this or not.  You have options.  Life is too short to be struggling all the time.


Good luck!