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lonely in India


Dear lissa

I got married 2 years back with the person whom I loved. After the birth of my daughter I can see that he is more attracted towards men and he treats me as an unwanted person. He is giving me mental tourtures and he is saying he will snatch my daughter from me. He always keeps on blameing me for one or other thing. If I say anything strongly he says I will take revenge from me. He is totally changed person. Belive me he was not so before. Pls help me



Thank you for writing.  Here in the USA we have shelters for women who are in situations such as the one you are facing right now.  You are being threatened, and you need to find a safe place for yourself and your child.  This is what a shelter provides.  I would encourage you to seek out some services in your community and find out if there is such a place where you can go.  You need help.  You need legal advice from a qualified attorney.

Are there any relatives you could go to for help?  You do need to tell someone what is happening, how you are feeling.  You don’t need to go through this alone.

Please let me know how you are doing.  I’ll be thinking of you!