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LG in SD


Hi Lissa, Love all your books and Inspiring emails. I have become very interested in the Ayurvedic way, and have an opportunity to live a dream of mine. I live in South Dakota and wanted to get your advice on starting my business venture. I want to first become more knowledgeable with Ayurvedic massage, skin care and products that are available. These are services and products that I would like to have in my business. What would you suggest as a starting point for me to begin my new life journey? I\’m very passionate about this and would be forever grateful for any advice you could give me. I see that you have online courses and I will plan to take those as well so I can learn more. I would also like to offer a juice bar and perhaps organic coffee and tea. I work as a registered nurse currently and I have used essential oils for many many years and I know they work, and want to share and care for others as I do now, just in a different way, a more holistic way. Thank you in advance for any advice, or thoughts you have for me. Sincerely, Lori Grovenburg


Hi, Lori!

You have a few options.  First, I have an Ayurveda e-course through Daily Om – it’s really basic, but it’s a good introduction to Ayurveda.  I also have a new e-course with Udemy that focuses on food and meditation from an Ayurvedic perspective:


If you’d like to go deeper, there’s a new online program through the Maharishi University of Management.  The first part is Ayurveda, the second part is more business stuff for your practice.  When you finish the course you become an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant:


There are several really good skin care lines.  You can look on DharmaSmart.com and see some of the ones we have available – Ayurda is just one – they have lots of products and all of them are ayurvedic.  

I have lots of Ayurvedic videos up on my youtube channel, including some that talk about the Ayurda skin care line and also the Maharishi Ayurveda line – If you look on the right side there’s an “Ayurveda” playlist so they’re all together:


If you can travel to take courses, Dr. Lad has a wide variety of offerings – some are weekend workshops on specific topics: http://www.ayurveda.com  The Ayurvedic Institute is in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Dr. Light Miller has an amazing book “Ayurveda and Aromatherapy” – you might already have it – she’s fantastic!  And for Ayurveda and Beauty I’d recommend “Absolute Beauty” – great resource:



Good luck with your new venture – let me know how it goes!!!