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Hello Lissa:

I have learned through taking your Dosha quiz that I am a Double Dosha Vatta-Pitta.  I haven’t a clue as to how to deal with this, as I had been told in the past by an Ayurvedic Practitioner that I am a Pitta.  

I am extremely heat intolerant such that I cannot be outside in the summer months except very early and very late.  Body numbers in your test are:  Vatta 7, Pitta 3, Kapha 2, and for the Mental portion: Vatta 2, Pitta 6, Kapha 4.  How does one deal with this?  Thank you.


Heat intolerance is a sure sign of pitta dominance!  You have lots of fire, so you need to keep that under control first.  Stay cool, especially during these summer months.  Eat cool foods, and drink plenty of cool (NOT iced) water.  Good for pitta: mint, coconut.  Aromatherapy: sandalwood is very cooling.  You might even use coconut oil in your daily abhyanga massage – it’s amazing!

During the cold winter months you might look at the Vata routine, and do some of that so that you can keep your vata in check.  Go for more warm, cooked foods.  Go easy on spices, because that will just aggravate your pitta.

Read more about Dougle Doshas here:


You might also consider consulting an ayurvedic practitioner who can recommend specific herbs and remedies just for you.