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Hello Lissa,

Thank you for your interest in the Lotus Leaves !

I am setting up an ORDERING INFO on my website, but for now– just choosing from  the  Sample Leaves designs,  or creating one of your own ( photos, quotes, etc.) — and writing me directly — is how to do it!  I can either make one, or send one from my COLLECTION.

IQUESTION:  I  am having a problem REGISTERING on your DISCUSSION BOARD:

Apparently, the fault is AOL… If I use an AOL address it just won’t work.

CAN YOU ADVISE  ME how to overcome this problem?  I really want to join your site !

Thanks,      ~ Karin Spritzler      www.KarinLotusLeaves.com



Thanks, Karin – your leaves are beautiful, and they will make lovely holiday gifts! Something is glitchy about the discussion board right now and my webmaster is working on it. I can’t get on it, either! I have an aol address – but I’m not sure that’s the problem, because I was going through internet explorer, and I’m already registered… so Brian is working on it, and hopefully the mystery will be solved soon – although he is going away over Thanksgiving, I gotta let him have some holiday! 🙂 Love, Lissa