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Karin Lotus Leaves


Hello Lissa,

I love  your website and have been a subscriber for a while now…

I am wondering if what I make might be something  very lovely to sell on your site?

I create spiritual art on dried LOTUS LEAVES ( they  look like beautiful fans)..it is on the organic leaf.

Here is a viewing:  www.KarinLotusLeaves.com.

They make very special gifts and people love them; all one-of-a kind- and can be custom-made.

I would love to hear back from you, and/or get ideas..

Best wishes!

~ Karin Spritzler

I am located in Santa Monica, California



Hi, Karin! The leaves are beautiful! You are an amazing artist. I didn’t see any ordering information, but I know this is the kind of thing that our community would really enjoy. When you get the information up on your site, feel free to post to the discussion board to let our community know about it. Please keep me posted, this is something I would like to order, too! Thanks! Love, Lissa