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 Dear Lisa or one of your many staff member is it possible to get a

Daily Mahjong Tile Reading on your horscope sign? That way I will know it

is for my sign pisces.

Thank you very much for you time. Have a great day.


P.S. When chooseing a news letter from your site is it still possible to get

only those one every day? 


sincerely, Jeanine


Hi, Jeanine!

We have several different Mahjong readings on the site, but none that specifically addresses astrological signs.  I can’t make the system do that.  Sorry!

Re: the newsletters – we have 3 different newsletters.  Wisdom News comes out Monday through Friday.  What’s Your Dosha comes out on Tuesday, and CoffeyTalk comes out on Wednesday.  You can get any or all of the newsletters, your choice.  At the bottom of your newsletter there’s a link that says “update preferences” just click that and you can add or subtract what subscriptions you want.  Thanks!