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In the Neighborhood


Hi Lissa!

I’m a friend of yours on  I always enjoy your posts.  Today I received an email from “Think Holistic”…imagine my surprise when I opened it to find your sunshiny smile within!  That ad sent me straight to your website; I hadn’t checked it out before.

I just wanted to share how much I enjoy your style, your content and YOU in general!  Your website is fun, informative and entertaining.  Being the animal lover that I am (and being quite fond of tuning in the the spirits of the animals) I spent some quality time with your section on Animal Card Readings.  What a fun application!  Thanks for adding sparkles to my day.  :0)

In Harmony,

Debra (Soulitude on Intent)


Hi, Debra!

It is indeed a small world, isn’t it?  I visited your sites – they are beautiful!  I particularly love your mandalas.  Wow!

Thanks so much for connecting.