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Imbalanced and Uninformed


Dear Lissa,

According to Ayurveda, I am Kapha, very very Kapha, with all Kapha attributes …..except I’m currently way Vata imbalanced. But! I don’t know what to do!! Please please help me! When people talk Ayurveda they never explain what to do when your one dosha, but currently out of whack because of another dosha. =( What should I do? What is your best advice? Can you please help me with some answers to treat the imbalance?


Sincerely Concerned,

Imbalanced and Uniformed



Get your Vata in check first.  Vata is the lead dosha, so it can knock the other doshas out of balance.  Eat warm, cooked foods, do abhyanga (sesame oil self-massage) stay hydrated.  Meditate!

And at the same time, as a Kapha, be mindful that you still exercise daily, though not to excess – and don’t eat fried foods or dairy.

Try steam showers – they are good for both Vata and Kapha.

There are articles on the whatsyourdosha.com site which will give you more insight.