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Greg – small world


Hi Lissa


Well I have to confess i was enjoying some idle time at work and, as you do, I “googled” my name and ended up at your website.

I read that you married a a man from Sydney – Greg Coffey – well it wasnt me 🙂 however I am Greg Coffey from Sydney also – who knew!!!

I also noticed someone asked the origins of the name and yes you are right the background is Irish/Scottish.  My family has its origins in Scotland but the family did also spill over into Ireland.

Just wanted to say hi and agree that it does make you think we are all connected some how – regards to Greg



Greg Coffey (also)




Hi, Greg! How wonderful to hear from another Coffey! My stepdaughters just moved over to Rouse Hill, and my stepson is in Reichhardt, he works for the Rural Fire Service and he’s attending the Police Academy. My mother-in-law is in Kincumber. She’s pretty much the family historian. 🙂 I hope you sign up for my newsletters and keep in touch. Thanks for writing – and g’day! Love, Lissa