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Fat in Richmond




My wife thinks I am obese because I love to eat an entire box of twinkies at night in bed before we have sex. I do this about three times a week. I am 5′ 10″ and weight 268 lbs. She thinks I have lost my sex appeal. What should I do?



What should you do?  You should stop eating Twinkies.  Period.  Not even one – and certainly not a whole box.  That’s not just an unhealthy habit, it’s just plain gross!  Quit buying them!  If you just change this one thing, I’ll bet you’d start to lose weight.  Your wife is having sex with you three times a week even though she is not sexually attracted to you?  Don’t you want to please her?  You really need to listen to this woman.  Start taking care of yourself.  Be more conscious of your diet.  Eat fruits and vegetables in abundance.  Cut down on red meat and sweets.  And EXERCISE!  Start by taking walks or bike rides with your wife.  You really need to do something aerobic every single day.  You’ll find that you not only lose weight, but that you feel better, have more energy, and be happier in general.

 Take action now.  Before you gain any more weight, before your wife loses all interest in you.  A marriage is a partnership.  You can work on this together and you’ll both be happier.  And you’ll live a happy, healthy and long life TOGETHER.