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Eszter from Budapest


Dear Lissa,


I have been following your “what is you dosha, baby ” site for almost two years.  I find it interesting, entertaining and revealing.  I have a special attachment to ayurveda, as it was the treatment that has saved my life one and a half year ago.  Now I am writing you to ask for your permission to place the translated version (into Hungarian) those short statements, wise sayings, etc., that you regularly publish on your site on a local site.  I am a professional translator so the quality of the translations couldnot be an issue. I am looking forward to your reaction,



Hi Eszter!

I think this is a great idea!  Thank you very much.  As long as the writing is attributed to me with a link to my website (either http://www.whatsyourdosha.com in the case of the ayurveda articles or http://www.coffeytalk.com in the case of Wisdom News and other articles) then you are free to translate and post.


I’d love to see how this looks, so please send me a link when they get up there – this is very exciting to be international! 🙂


With love and gratitude,