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Dr Jusuf Hariman


Dear Lissa,

I was wondering aimlessly with a sense of desperation  just now when I opened www.empoweringmessages.com and saw your website. I looked at your website carefully, including www.coffeytalk.com and subscribed to your e newsletter and your free dosha course. I guess I am extremely attracted to your happy, gorgeous persona.

It is too early now to decide whether I would like to undertake a paid consultation with you. It will depend on what  I see in your newsletters and lessons. But everything seems to click so far and I would be very grateful if you could tell me how much an email consultation with you will cost. I cannot see you personally even though I can afford it because I suffer from a very severe motion sickness very quickly, and bonine, stemetil and motilium do not work.

Meantime perhaps I can summarise my situation and my background. In the past 10 months I almost died twice due to acute renal failure and digestive system poisoning. I was hospitalised five times and suffer from 20 documented medical disorders, some of which are “permanent” in the sense that they will not get better no matter what you do (eg diabetes mellitus and brain damage), and the rest are “degenerative” in the sense that whatever you do, it will get worse and worse (eg cervical spondylosis, inflammatory spondyloarthropathy). I have seen 21 eminent specialists and they confirm that I am supposed to get weaker, weaker and then die.

     I guess I feel desperate because I feel sick and in pain 24 hours per day. I cannot find any pleasure whatsoever. I cannot enjoy sex because I am impotent. I cannot enjoy travel because I suffer from motion sickness very quickly and also because I suffer from transcient amnesia from time to time (I am advised not to be alone when I am tired, which is very difficult to follow). I cannot enjoy foods because I have developed a strong intolerance to fats and oils, I have a tender gum,etc.  I cannot read difficult materials because as soon as I do so, my very severe pains, especially in my neck and head intrude.

My background is that I am a qualified psychologist, philosopher, lawyer and accountant and have  had professional, experiences in these fields (I am 51 years old). I also have 7 accredited university degrees in these fields, including 2 doctorates (one of them is honorary). I am listed in Who is Who in Australia, Who is who in the World and in page 51 of Margaret Herd’s “The Vision of Who’s Who: Life and Business Quotations from Notable Australians” (Melbourne:Crown Content Pty Limited, 2005). Only around 2000 of the most eminent Australians are listed in this last publication.

Since I am very deperate and the diagnosis is a slow death, I will be reading the publications you will send me very very carefully. In the meantime I will appreciate any comments you may have.


Dr Jusuf Hariman

BA, BEc, LLB, BA(Hons),

MA, PHD, Hon Psy D




Dear Jusuf, Thank you for writing to me. I see that you are from Australia. My husband is from Sydney, so that is a country near and dear to my heart. I am not a doctor, and it sounds like you have had enough dealings with medical professionals. But I can understand that you are suffering, and I will offer some simple suggestions to help you in that area. First of all, have you tried meditation? Meditation puts the body into a deep state of rest, where it can use its natural intelligence to restore itself. I have some meditation recommendation up on my www.psmeditation.com website. It would be a good idea for you to meditate for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. It if is too uncomfortable to sit for that long, go for as long as you are able. And maybe meditate 3 times a day instead of 2. If you feel you need a guided meditation, I have some CDs that I like posted up on the site and you can order them through amazon. To help with the pain, try sitting under a blue light for part of the day. You can get a blue colored light at the hardware store, and use one of those aluminum lamps that looks like a bowl and has a clamp on it. Clamp it to a table or chair and shine the light toward the part of your body where you feel the pain. This is very gentle, and yet powerful, color therapy. Spend some time outside, with nature, when you can. Focus on the beauty around you, and notice the miracles that take place every day. These little things can help bring joy to our lives, and take us away from our problems and pains. Please let me know how you are doing as time goes on. Lots of love, Lissa