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double dosha help


Hi Lissa –

I love this website and the quiz!

I have been reading about eating and using skin care related to your own dosha.  However – my dosha is Pitta for body and vatta for mind:

So according to your quiz – I was considered a  Vatta

Please help.  I am generally an anxious worrier in my mind but my body LOOKS like a pitta (more average height, muscle built easily – but have poor endurance and am exhausted easily.)  I also have some kapha traits – like I PREFER to do calm, leisurely activities.

How would I follow a skin care plan?  Do I follow Vatta?  Because my skin looks more like pitta skin.  But I want to become healthier and I am sick, stressed and exhausted most of the time.  I take many herbs, homeopathic remedies, see an acupuncturist, osteopath and doctor.  I honestly think embracing my dosha and who I am is the answer instead of trying to “Cure” what ails me – I will embrace everything and work WITH my body.

Any advice for the dosha I should follow for my health regimen?

thanks so much,





For skin care, you have to treat the kind of skin you have – so if your skin is sensitive, fair, easily sunburned, or you have rosacea, or freckles – then that’s Pitta skin, and you want to go with a Pitta skin care routine.  There are some lines that have skin care specific to the doshas.

Ayurveda is wonderful because it doesn’t look at the illness and try to fix it – it looks at your state of balance and current state of imbalance, and it works to bring you naturally back to that state of balance so that you are your healthiest and happiest.  

Ideally, you’ll want to see an ayurvedic practitioner so that you can get an accurate diagnosis – a practitioner will take your pulse and analyze your dosha and give you specific personalized recommendations.  

Many times when you’re feeling sick, stressed and exhausted, that’s a Vata imbalance.  Vata is the lead dosha, so it often gets “out of whack” first – try putting yourself on a Vata routine for awhile and see if you feel better.

we all have each of the 3 doshas in our physiology, just in different proportions, so they will express in us in our own unique ways.  It’s great that you are aware how the doshas express in you so that you can follow the appropriate routines you need to in order to find that balance.


Be well!