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Dosha changes??? – Peter



I jsut wanted to ask about Dosha’s.

I was diagnosed, by a practitioner, that I was PITTA in nature, about a year and a half ago.
At that stage, my body heat was so terrible that even in winter, I had to sleep with my feet
out in the open air. Now, it seems, that I am the exact opposite. I no longer have hot hands and feet,
they are constantly cold, almost freezing, the circulation quite bad… something I have never dealt with
before. I have alos just completed your Dosha quiz online and it says I am essentially both Vatta and Pitta,
With Vata being a little in both cases, the number for Vata was 6 and Pitta 5.

Therefore, my question is, can a persons dosha change? and how would you explain the huge
difference in my body temperature.


Peter – Sydney, Australia



Hi, Peter!

In Ayurveda we really have two constitutions.  Our prakruti is our nature when we are in balance, this is pretty much the dosha that we are born with.  Our vikruti is our current state, and that may be out of balance.  When you are in balance, you feel healthy and happy.  So if you were terribly uncomfortable when you were hot, then chances are you were experiencing a pitta imbalance – too much pitta in the system.  Now that you’re feeling so terribly cold, you likely have a vata imbalance – too much vata in the system.

Vata is the lead dosha, and it tends to get “out of whack” first.  Vata is also more prominent when the weather is cold and dry – and if that is the case in Australia right now, which I think it is, then I would recommend going on a Vata routine until you start feeling better.  Look on the whatsyourdosha.com site for specific diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Remember also that as we get older, our doshas do change a little bit.  From birth to about age 20 we are more Kapha.  From 20 to 45ish we are more Pitta.  And as we get older we get more Vata.

I would also suggest that you write to our ayurveda expert, Dr. Marc Halpern, on doshaspace.com – he is an authority on Ayurveda and he may have other recommendations for you.

Hope that helps!