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Dearest Lissa,

I dunno from where to start. What im gonna say is probably gonna shock you. My mom HATES me, and it’s obvious. Let me tell you everything that i can.

She differentiates between me and my sister. She took my sister and went to Turkey for shopping. She treats her with real care , as tho she’s fragile or something. She pampers her and totally approves of her stupid moron boyfriend, just only because he gets her gold and stuff like that. She gave her a landline to her, and only to her to call him. She gives her extra money to go out with him. She does her best to make my sister look nice and adorable… and when we’re out on family gatherings, she’s all “oh look at (my other daughter) she’s gorgeous, but she (me) is not as beautiful”

She calls me names, she hits and beats me all the time. She investigates upon all my moves, she even calls the phone companies to know all the outgoing and incoming calls…even the text messages (in and out). She doesnt like my friends, she doesnt like my interests… she even told me yesterday “why dont you stay longer at work, at least it’ll give me more time without seeing your gloomy ugly face”

Seriously, i dont want to ammend anything in my relationship with her. I just want to withdraw myself from this hazard.. What would you advise me to do??




I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through this.  Your mother should not be treating you this way.  You are being abused.  Does your father know what is going on?  Can he talk with your mother for you, or with you?  Or if not your father, do you have an aunt or uncle who could intervene on your behalf?  Or another relative you could go to live with?

If you don’t have any relatives to turn to, you need to seek out a community organization to help you.  I don’t know how old you are, or if you have enough money to go out on your own, but in every community there are usually government sponsored organizations to help people in situations like the one you are in.  A teacher or counselor may be able to help you find some help.  And you might also consider going to the police.

There is no reason to tolerate being beaten.  Don’t keep what your mother is doing to you a secret.  Find some help and move out with your dignity in tact.