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Curious in Minneapolis


Dear Lissa,

I am new to learning about doshas and have learned that I am a “double dosha,” dominant in Vatta in body and Pitta in mind, with an overall fairly strong Pitta dominance. I’m curious about what this means for diet. Should I aim to follow mostly Vatta recommendations since that is dominant in my body or Pitta recommendations since Pitta is dominant overall? A few of the recommendations (some grains, for example) are to be favored with one type and avoided for the other, so I’m interested in how I should reconcile this.


Curious in Minneapolis 


Basically since you’re Pitta overall, you follow the Pitta routine.  However, keep an eye on your Vata, and when you feel that it’s out of business – when you’re anxious or nervous, or feel overwhelmed, then work on balancing out your Vata by getting on the Vata routine for awhile.  During Vata season, November through February in the northern hemisphere, when it’s cold and dry, then Vata tends to get out of whack more easily.

There is lots more info up on http://www.whatsyourdosha.com – peruse the articles and archives of the dosha newsletters.