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Hi Lissa, 

I just finished your book (in about two days..lol), it is awesome.  Ive been into natural health and wellbeing so some time now but am relatively new to Ayurveda.  When I did a Dosha quiz about two weeks ago and discoved I was almost 100% vata it was the biggest aha moment this life time.
Whilst I love being imaginative, creative, non materialistic, romantic and all the rest I am struggling to see how us Vata\’s can find the true peace, love, happiness and stability that I want (and need!)  I\’m a 30 year old male and have never lasted at a job or relationship for more than 1 year.  My health has been a rollercoster (though I\’m pretty good now), I\’ve travelled to the other side of the world and back, and I can\’t seem to figure out what I really want to do in life..lol

On top of this I\’ve feel in love with an amazing girl after being single for 6 years.  We are both Vata!

Can you offer some hope?!

Love from Ireland




Thanks, Conor!

First of all, get yourself on the Vata routine – it’s in the book, and it’s also on the whatsyourdosha.com website.  That will help give you that stability and peace of mind you crave.

You definitely have gifts to give the world – so now you need to find your dharma – your purpose in life.  You can do any job, have any career, go any place – and when you know your dharma, when you are living life on purpose – then you experience life much more deeply, more profoundly, and find that your experiences are much more meaningful.  Check out the dharma quiz at: http://www.whatsyourdharma.com

And congratulations on your new love!  Much happiness to you both!  

I see more than hope for you – I see you thriving and contributing and loving a beautiful life that you create for yourself!

Lots of love,