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Hello Lisa

What do you recommend to people who have 2 equally dominant doshas?

I am equally Kappha / Pita with a touch of Vata.

What do you recommend to follow with regards to various recommendations?

I have taken this quiz several times over the years and always have a tie between the 2.





Hi!  I have some articles about double doshas up on my site:

And you will probably want to pay attention to your body and mind, and do the balancing that is needed at the time.  For example, if you feel lazy, or depressed, you have too much Kapha in you, so do Kapha balancing things.  If you are feeling angry, or frustrated, then there’s too much Pitta.

 You can also follow the seasons – in Pitta season (heat) do more Pitta routine, and in Kapha season (moist) do more of the Kapha routine.

Hope that helps!  Thanks!