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CONFUSED (yet again)


Dear Lissa.

Remember i told you once about this guy with the different religion whom i like??? Well, we went together to a convention for 4 days in the beginning of the current month. We bonded more, and stuff. However, there was this girl (she’s a foreigner) who told him that she loves him. And actually started acting weird with me. Like started throwing words at me, throwing unnecessary glares and stares. Started asking him if we’re together… stuff like that. She was jealous coz we were together all the time, because i didnt know anyone in the whole covention and he didnt want me to feel at not ease, and he told that girl that im his “best friend”. So, just yesterday i found that she has been gossiping about me with another girl, who was in the convention too, on facebook. They were corresponding in German calling me with sarcasm “die beste Freundin” I dont know what made me go to google and translate the text to English. There i found out that she has been talking about me all along. When i told him about what happened he said “they could be talking about someone else” yet, im damn sure that it’s me, coz she says things bout me tht i told other ppl, u know!!!! Now this thing has beeen driving me nuts since last night. U knw it’s rude to be talking behind ppl’s backs… esp with a different language.

Yes one more thing. During the convention, this friend of mine and i sat together and he asked me whether i love him or not. But i had to lie and let him believe that he’s just my close friend. I was afraid that he’d freak out because, u know, of the different religions issue. I was afraid he’d just tell me to stop being friends… and the worst thing is that i miss him every second of the day. I want to always see him and be with him… It’s so complicated.

Please help me out….


Confused (yet again)



You need to be honest with this person.  Figure out if religion is an issue for him.  Figure out if it is an issue for you.  The best relationships start with friendship.