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confused in Londo


Dear Lisa, I met this man @ wrk, I was new n we hit it off immediately.we exchanged numbers and went on a few dates.im 22 and he would soon be 25. we decided that we both didn’t want anything serious as we wanted to focus on our career.after about a month or two,we had sex,it was uncomfortable for me because we did not use protection.he said everything was going to be fine and afte taking the morningafter pill, it was.our ‘relationship’ grew better.n den he left work which made it better as we were not in each others face.I think i’m falling in luv with him but he’s made it perfectly clear that he can’t date me because I believe so much in my religion.I don’t know what to do?I’ve just found out that he’s given me chlamydia n also his ex wants him back.please help,should I tell him how I really feel.im scared of rejection and must be sick to want him even after the chlamydia palava.what should I do???


You say everything is fine after taking that pill, but it’s not.  You have a sexually transmitted disease.  And you got it from this man.  Do you realize that this kind of thing follows you your whole life?  This man does not respect you.  He didn’t respect you enough to use protection when you had sex.  He doesn’t respect your religion.  He’s probably been with multiple partners.  He’s a player, and a user, and he used you.  What should you do?  RUN FOR THE HILLS!  Get as far away from this guy as you can.  Cut your losses, and take this as a lesson learned.  As women we tend to fall in love after giving ourselves physically to someone.  We can’t help it, it’s the hormones, it’s all chemical.  But you have to use your head here and protect your heart.  Have no contact with this person.  Move on.  You’re SO much better off without him.  One day you’ll understand and be grateful you didn’t get more involved than you already are.