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confused in california


Dear Ms. Lissa,


I’m sure you’ve gotten this question before but I took this “What’s Your Dosha” test and I honestly don’t believe that I idnetify with Vata at all. 🙁 It’s quite upsetting. I’ve been doing lots of research on ayurveda. I’m trying to figure it all out. Should i take the test a third time?


thank u for ur time




the dosha quiz is very general.  The best way to get a clear picture of your dosha is to see an ayurvedic practitioner, who will take your pulse, do a quick exam by looking in your eyes and at your tongue, ask you a bunch more questions.

There are external factors that affect our dosha, such as the weather, our environment, stress, age.  It could be possible that under stress your vata is higher.  It happens a lot!  Try answering the questions on the quiz not as you are feeling currently, but as you would if you were feeling your absolutely best.

Our prakruti is our normal state of balance, this is the dosha we were born with.  Our vikruti is our current state of imbalance.  The idea with ayurveda is to bring us back into balance so that we can be our healthiest and happiest.  We all have all three doshas in our system, but our personal combination is unique to us, like a fingerprint.