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Hi , my name is maria and i have a question. Ok that one quote gets to me : never say goodbye when you still want to try. I mean I want to try with my ex boyfriend; i will always will keep trying we have broken up and made up a million times and I still have hope for him but yet hes hurt me so so much and played me and cheated me but wants to get me back and says he cant stop missing me, yet he flirts with other girls. He treated me like any other girl at points but sometimes real special. It made me real sad but I forgave him no matter what. I have to admit I have played with his feelings but I think hes a jerk over all, but I love him like that. He makes me wanna scream but I still want him.  I just I wonder if I will regret not trying again, yet my new boyfriend Miguel treats me so so nice and sweet and hes the perfect boyfriend. Im faithful to my boyfriend but i still talk to  my ex and my heart pounds when i see him, we talk but i dont let him hug me or call me. I just I don’t know I  guess I can just go day by day but give my all to Miguel because im happy with him, yet my ex is still on my mind and heart. What should I do.?


Hi, Maria-

It has been said that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  It’s time to stop the insanity!  You know what it’s like to be hurt and heartbroken, you’ve had that experience, you don’t need to experience it again.  

Now you’ve got  Miguel, who basically sounds like Prince Charming compared to your ex!  He’s treating you well, and this is what you deserve.  What you need to do is give Miguel a fighting chance.  You can’t do that when you’re hanging around your ex.  You have to cut it off totally with your ex.  Don’t see him, don’t talk to him.  You can’t handle it – there’s some kind of strange addiction thing going on there where you keep going back for more abuse.  Quit it!  You’ve got to completely go cold turkey.

Miguel is worthy of your time and attention, so give it to him without being distracted.

Lots of love,