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Hi Lissa,

I have taken your quiz which resulted in a high score for vata mind and a high score in kapha body but an overall determination of vata.  I am overweight for my size (5′-9″ & 170lbs) with most of the weight equally distributed through my spare tire and full hips/thighs and upper arms.  I am confused if I should be following the diet for kapha or the diet for vata – other than ‘warm food’ they seem to be in conflict with one another.  I am wondering if my best course of action is to treat my body with a kapha diet and exercise plan but include the mental practices of balancing vata (sticking to a routine)?

Please help,





It sounds like you are a Vata with a bit of a Kapha imbalance since you are overweight.  Try going on the Kapha routine until you get your weight in check – exercise daily until you sweat, add spices to your food, and avoid dairy, and no fried foods!  Cut way back on flour and sugar.

Definitely keep up with Vata by meditating twice daily, staying warm, and not overdoing it.

Abhyanga is also the warm sesame oil massage that is super balancing for Vata.  More information about exactly how to do that is on the whatsyourdosha.com website.

Be well!