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Dear Lissa,

I have this thing going on for almost 2 months now. You see, i became friends with an amazing guy… he’s perfect. We’re friends, really good friends. However, i think im starting to like him. I just dont want to coz there’s no way on Earth we’ll be together coz he has a different religion, and i cant be with someone who has a differnt religion, u know!!

So i dont want to lose this great friend i gained, but yet still i feel happy when he calls and i miss him like hell when he travels or gets busy. What should i do??







I understand that it is your culture which prevents you having a relationship with someone of a different religion.  Here in the U.S., religion is not such an issue.  Many couples have varying religious backgrounds.  Diversity can be a very good thing, it keeps a relationship interesting.  Having a friendship is a good basis for a relationship. You might want to talk with your friend about how you are feeling, and see if he feels the same way.  Maybe you could solve this dilemma together.  Sometimes it can be difficult for men and women to be friends because there is this attraction, and one or the other wants it to be more than a friendship.  But it is not impossible.  There is a difference between lust and love.  Leave lust out of the equation and you can be friends quite nicely.

Good luck!