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After enjoying your emails for over a year, I was intrigued by your new book.  As I am going through a horrible separation from my husband/best friend and lover of over thirty years, I ordered the book on closure.  I glanced at it and placed it on a shelf by my bed.  There it sat week after week as I glared at it, not quite understanding my reluctance to open up this book and read it.  Six months later, after spending Christmas eve and day and New Years eve and day alone, while my husband celebrated with his girlfried (who I now find out has been in his life for the past two years), I picked up the book.  I now know why I was afraid to read it.   I am clinging so hard to a painful relationship and I cannot seem to let go even though it is obviously the right thing to do.  I have tried to live in the present and accept the fact that what ever is happening is indeed exactly what should be happening but it is so hard and painful.  I feel like he stole my life and my dreams for the future.  Your book is so well written that it struck a deep emotional chord and when I was nearly at the end, a few hours ago, and hit the chapter called “Gratitude”  I found my self screaming (yes really loud) NO…NO…NO.  I cannot find it in my heart to forgive and to be grateful in any way shape or form for the fact that he replaced me in his heart.  I have read Deepak and Tolle and it is easy to see, in theory, why this would be what I should do, but find it impossible.   Oh well… this was not meant as a complaining letter but one of actual praise.  I have not read anything that evoked that kind of strong emotional reaction from me for a long time and you did it !!   You have good insights and I am very impressed with your writing…., You said somthing else that resonated with me…. a huge diamond ring will not make you happy… he bought me one a couple of years ago and said “you deserve it”   Turns out it was about the time his affair began…  Well Lissa… I am going to take that diamond ring and sell it and go to Greece… with your group….I feel so excited and empowered with that thought… I have never been to Europe or anywhere like that.  I need to get my passport in order…  Thank you for giving me something to look forward to… and thank you for writing the very personal book… GOOD JOB !!!



I am so proud of you, and so HAPPY for you!!!  This is great news – and a totally new beginning for you – an exciting, wonderful new beginning – and perfect timing with the new year, new decade, new LIFE!  Congratulations – and I look forward to celebrating in Greece with you!