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Hi Lisa, Its Feb. and I am vata imbalanced.  It starts from the middle of august and cont. to the middle of spring.  I am a 56 yr old 7 yr post menopausal who is struggling with my vata dosha.  I started drinking Vata tea, chia tea, ginger tea, and warm water.  I also have been making soups/stews to help get myslef through the winter.  I have irritated dry skin, joint pain and stiffness, arthritis Im sure.  I have hot flashes that are very disturbing especially with my dry skin which feels pricky and raw. My skin get even more irritated with each hot flash I experience.  I do the seseame oil massage 3 times a week.  Looking for suggestions as to what I need to do, thank you for your time.



You’re doing a lot of the right things – here is what I suggest in addition:

Do the sesame oil self massage every day before your shower.

Make sure you are eating a warm, cooked breakfast.

Make sure you get to bed by 10pm.

The hot flashes are from too much Pitta – so try “Hot Flash Relief” which you can find at http://www.doshasmart.com

You might also try alternating the sesame oil massage with a coconut oil massage – coconut oil is more balancing for Pitta and will help relieve the prickly skin.

Also try the fragrance of rose, and rose petal preserves to help relieve the hot flashes.

Add some lemon to your warm water.

Try to get some fresh air daily – keep warm and keep your ears covered – but it’s important to get outside because the air indoors can be dry from heating and air conditioning. You might want to try a cool air humidifier.

Hope that helps!