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Hi Lissa,

I took the dosha quiz and I am a little confused.  Overall it says that I am a vata.  It was also divided into mind and body.  For the Body I scored very high in Kapha but in mind very high in Vata.  Pita was right in the middle for both.  Should I follow all the vata routines or Kapha for body aspects like diet and vata for mind aspects.  Thanks for your help.




Overall you’re a Vata, so focus on the Vata routines.  When it’s Kapha season (in the northern hemisphere that is March through June) and you feel a little more bogged down with allergies and the like, you might want to amp up the Kapha routine a little bit.  If you are overweight, that is a Kapha imbalance, so you need to add in some of the Kapha routine until you get back into balance.  Ayurveda is very personalized, so to get the most specific advice for your particular mind/body type, it is best to consult an ayurvedic practitioner.  A practitioner can take your pulse, look at your eyes, and your tongue, and get much more detailed into your particular issues.

Thanks for writing!