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ive been talking to this girl for about 6 months and she wont get closer to me because she thinks that i am confused because she is my first girlfriend. i really like her but i just cant be in a relatioship where i know the girl likes me and is attracted to me but deosnt let me even kiss her. i am still a virgin so i really want to have sex her but she wont because she thinks that i am confused and thats all i want is sex. im getting really agravated with her and i dont know what to do to realize if i really am confused. i dont think that i am but im not sure. how do i know that i really like her?


You know you really like her when you just want to spend time with her, you don’t care if she kisses you or anything more than that.  You are confused because all of these feeling are new for you.  It is smart to take your time, and really get to know each other, as friends, and as people.  There are lots of ways to show affection, it doesn’t have to be physical.  You can go on walks together, and talk.  You can just hold hands.  This girl sounds like she is very practical, and is worth liking.  You need to respect her, and respect your relationship with her.  Get to know yourself, and who you are, and what you want out of life. All of this takes time.  Don’t rush.