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hey, my girlfriend broke up with me because i flirted with her cousin but wat happened is that her cousin touched my butt and i touched her back and thats it. now my ex says shes 4givin me and and doesnt wanna get back with me because im gonna hurt her again but i kno im not goin 2 do that and i love her very every much all im tryin 2 do is 2 get a second chance but shes a tough cookie 2 convice ive written her love letters and talked 2 her on the phone but she says she doesnt do second chances and she said that she will alwayz have love 4 me i need your help on getting her back because i dont wanna loose her.  wat do i do!?


I think at this point you’ve done everything you can do to explain yourself and to make it up to her.  Now you just have to let it go.  If your former girlfriend wants you back, she’ll come to you.  Anything more you do now would pretty much just be annoying and push her away further.  She’s made herself clear.  So move on with your life.  Lesson learned.