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broken in bots


Hello Lisa

Iv been in a very long relationship with my ex. we recently broke up when he started acting fuuny whilst i was pregnant with our first born baby. we decided to end the relationship but after i gave birth he all of  a sudden thinks we can get back togther and tie the knot. the affair was full on fights and a whole lot of abuse on his part.we argued all the time which would end up i me carrying the guilt of ‘provoking’ him and sometimes bruises from being beaten by him.do you thinnk it would be a good idea to go back. he says he has changed.



Your ex is abusive and he cheated on you, and you’re wondering if you should take him back?  Why would you do that?  Just because he says he’s changed doesn’t mean he has.  Obviously you can’t take his word for anything, because he lies to you. So, do I think it is a good idea for you to go back?  No.

However, this is your life, and your decision.  If you are considering taking him back, proceed cautiously.  Insist that he go to counseling with you.  Figure out what behavior you need to see from him so that you know he really has changed.  You need to be very careful, because now you are not only putting yourself in danger, you are putting your child in danger.  Don’t let him move in until you are 100% confident that it is safe to have this man in your home.

Good luck!