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I just took the Dosha quiz and it says that my overall Dosha is Kapha. The body was Vata 3, Pitta 1, and Kapha 8, but the mind was Vata 5, Pitta 5, and Kapha 2. Do I only do the Kapha diet and routine or do I try and follow the seasons of a Tri-Dosha diet and exercise? I want to balance my mind, body, and soul so I can be healthy,have energy, and peace of mind.

Thank you




If it feels like you have a Kapha imbalance, that is, if you are overweight, sluggish, depressed, etc, then definitely go out all Kapha routine.  Right now we’re in Vata season in the northern hemisphere, when the air is cold and dry.  So following a Vata season will help you to feel more in balance at this time of year.

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