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Dear Lissa – I enjoy your morning emails very much especially today’s message, as it hit very close to home for me.  

Close to 16 years ago now, I created a Kindness campaign which included fliers, a t-shirt design, a stamp, a logo, and a domain name “globalkindness.org” The campaign was “Kindness is Contagious….Catch it and Spread it”   But, you know what happened?  I let one person pop my bubble and I lost momentum and confidence.   

I had the expression: “Kindness is Contagious” scrolling across my computer at work and a guy (who didn’t know I wrote this), said, “How corny is that?!”  It ruined my week! (month!)  I lost all confidence to build my campaign and let it go, and never pursued the campaign after that.  YOU have helped me regain my confidence to pursue this campaign again!  Metta yoga has always been a focus of the classes I teach and I’m thrilled to know about the message you are spreading and would be honored to help in any way.  Thanks for the inspiration and the boost! – Becca of bluemoonyoga 


It’s all in the timing, right?  So now is the perfect time.  You are awesome!  And this just goes to show how contagious kindness really is!  I’m excited that you are getting your program going – we need more kindness in every way, everywhere! Share your message with the world. You are doing great work!  I’m rooting you on!

Namaste and love,