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Good morning Lissa,

I am student of your Ayurveda course and I have two questions:

– How can I know my dosha? I have done your quiz and other tests before and still very confused, I am not sure how can I find it out. When I answer some questions it can be hard because it can be both at the same time.

– About the diet, I have studied a bit the raw diet and even some writers such as Gabriel Counsens or Susan Schenck and with all the different ways I am a bit confused. I don´t eat meat, a bit of fish and kefir and vegetables, cereals,etc. How can I find out my ideal diet?

Thank you very much for everything in advance.

Kind regards,





The dosha quiz is meant to give you a good idea about what your dosha is, so that you can get started on an ayurvedic lifestyle.  To get a very accurate assessment, you need to see an ayurvedic practitioner who will have you answer many more extensive questions, take your pulse, look at your tongue and your eyes.

Remember that there is a difference between the dosha we are born with, our state of balance, which is called our “prakruti” and our current state, which may be in imbalance, called our “prikruti.”  That’s why on the quiz it seems like your dosha changes.  Really it is that your balance is changing.  We are all affected by the weather, the time of day, our environment, things like that.

I usually say that when someone is analyzing the dosha quiz so carefully and reading so much into the answers, that person is usually a pitta!  Pittas are very intelligent, and discerning, so I usually get the most comments from people who are Pitta dominant.

Remember also that we each have all 3 of the doshas in our system, so you will be some sort of a mix between the 3.  Just answer the questions the best that you can.  Follow your first instinct.

For the diet, if you go here:


You will see articles about diets for each of the doshas.  Ayurveda doesn’t recommend the “raw” diet as we have learned about it today.  The exception might be if it is summer, and/or if you are a Pitta type.  Pitta has a strong digestion and can handle digesting raw foods, but not so much the Vatas and Kaphas.  

Hope that helps!  Thank you!