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Take the Dosha Mate quiz.

Find Your Dosha Mate!

To take the Dosha Mate Quiz, please select ONE answer for each question

a) skinny, lean
b) average, athletic
c) curvy, strong
a) that dreamy look
b) a penetrating gaze
c) large eyes, thick lashes
a) Creativity
b) Intelligence
c) Reliability
a) Flexibility
b) Confidence
c) Kindness
a) the person lets me do the planning
b) the person takes care of the plan
c) the person asks to plan something together
a) makes friends and changes friends easily
b) has friends mostly from work
c) has friends from way back
a) self-expression
b) accomplishing goals
c) family
a) big-picture oriented
b) detail oriented
c) experience oriented
a) funny
b) passionate
c) romantic
a) to suit their personality
b) just right for the occasion
c) comfortably
a) somewhere to go have fun
b) to a nice restaurant
c) home for a home-cooked meal
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